The most unique part of Kosher Patterns is .. “My Sloper” software program which allows one to input every imaginable measurement – in order to take the Kosher Pattern designs and quickly create a custom-designed pattern specifically for the user. If one isn’t a seamstress, one could miss how vital this one-of-a-kind program is. Poor-fitting necklines, inaccurate shoulder slant, waist-length too long or too short, bust girth (along with price) and more cause women to shop for endless hours with often the same obstacle coming up over and over again – the clothes are standard sized. If one has a shorter than average neck, or a fuller bust, but narrow shoulders, for example, simply moving up one size will NOT provide a better fit. With Kosher Pattern’s My Sloper – all these challenges are eliminated. It’s no wonder many young girls and ladies find tzniut such a challenge – the choices are too limited!Rabbanit Alfasi


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Blouse Sloper

Blouse Sloper

Natural-waist, Empire-Waist Multi-tiered, Multi-paneled, Pleated
Skirt Sloper

Skirt Sloper

Fitted Waist, Elastic Waist, Multi-tiered, Multi-paneled, Pleated
Dress Sloper

Dress Sloper

Natural-waist, Drop-waist, Empire-Waist Multi-tiered, Multi-paneled, Pleated
Jackets & Coats

Jackets & Coats

Variable Collars, Lengths, Sleeves, Openings, Hem Styles
Sleeve Sloper

Sleeve Sloper

No-ease Sleeve Cap, Variable Hem Styles, 6 Styles and counting
Collar Sloper

Collar Sloper

15 Collar Types and counting
Vest Sloper

Vest Sloper

Variable Length, Variable Hem Styles


Flounces and more


Patch, Inseam Pockets & more


Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gown Styles


Hair Coverings

Hair Coverings

Hair Coverings


Other Testimonials

 I just want to tell you that your patterns are truly needed in this generation.   I’m so impressed with your talent and what you have done for Jewish women.  I’ve taken to sewing my own clothes as well as my daughter’s because I can’t find anything tznius anywhere.  So I’m very happy with your wonderful patterns.  Keep up the good ...
Look at the variety of dresses that are possible with one dress block from Kosher Patterns. — Janet
My Sloper is really cool!  It is so easy to use.  I love it!
So happy to find your site! Your things look unique and beautiful!
Rebbetzin Weiss
We really appreciate your online shop and craftsmanship you put into your lovely clothing.
You make tznius look beautiful! Thank you very much!
Great workmanship!
I love the way it looks and it didn’t take long at all, many thanks!
I have been a very satisfied customer of a website called “Kosher Patterns” which is unique in two ways that are inspiring for frum women anywhere.  First, they are the ONLY English-speaking company that offers tzanuah patterns for the chareidi market and it is, as far as I know, run almost if not entirely by a chareidi woman.
Rabbanit Alfasi
Your patterns are wonderful! Congratulations! I have to thank you once again for your wonderful patterns! I made some garments using some of them and they are indeed very nice.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Sloper?

My Sloper is the world’s first Web 2.0 Pattern Making Software for modest dressmaking, ideal for women and girls who value modesty with tasteful and dignified clothing for religious, medical or practical purposes. Its easy-to-use interface is completed form-driven. Simply input your body measurements, tweak a few ease measurements, select your sloper style, click Draw and Print.

How do I install My Sloper?
  1. Unzip the My Sloper Zip file into the desired directory.
  2. Click on the index.html file, or drag it into your favorite Web 2.0 HTML5 & Javascript-enabled browser. We currently support  Firefox.
  3. Log in by entering your email address. This email address is printed on your patterns.
    Enjoy the software.
Does My Sloper run on the Mac?

Yes, My Sloper runs on any Javascript-enabled Web browser that supports HTML5, on any Windows or Mac platform.  Our prefered browser of choice is Firefox.  Chrome and Opera have been unstable since its updates and are no longer recommended for use with My Sloper.

What type of Web browser does My Sloper support?

Currently, we support My Sloper on Firefox; Firefox being the most accurate renderer for My Sloper. My Sloper is not supported on mobile devices.

Can My Sloper run without the Internet?

Yes, My Sloper is designed to run offline without the Internet. Although the front Terms of Usage page contains web links, they are not crucial to the operation of My Sloper.

Can I sell garments sewn from patterns generated from My Sloper?

For My Sloper version 1.72 and below, the answer is no, unless you have contracted with us through our Cottage Industry License for Home Sewing which can be purchased annually.

For My Sloper version 1.8 and up, the answer is yes, because it will have a built-in contract for selling garments from patterns generated from My Sloper.

Can I sell patterns generated from My Sloper?

Unfortunately, no. However we are working on a version of My Sloper that allows branding of your label that will allow you to sell patterns generated from My Sloper. Stay tuned for more information. Sign up for updates.

Does My Sloper support both knit and woven garments?
Absolutely, yes! Other pattern-making software out there sells separate knit and woven components, but My Sloper does not limit you to only one type of fabric. The idea behind designing for knitwear is that the sloper is usually one or two sizes smaller because the design is dependent on the elasticity of the knit fabric to expand and cover the wearer. Since we design My Sloper for modesty, we do not encourage the use of elastic knit fabric that will cling to the wearer and definitely do not encourage the user to design one or two sizes smaller for modesty sake.
What size range does My Sloper support?
While other pattern-making kits and software sell separate adult and children’s components, My Sloper supports all sizes from babies to women without any upper size limit.  It all depends on the amount of virtual memory you have on your computer.  See this article for more information. Although many of the slopers are designed for women and girls, My Sloper can be used to design for menswear using the basic blouse sloper for men’s basic shirt. My Sloper 1.8 will have support for jackets and coats, and it can be used to design men’s jackets and coats as well.
Does My Sloper Demo support printing of patterns?
Absolutely, yes! The demo version of My Sloper Blouse lets you print and test out the Basic Bodice Sloper with Basic Sleeve and Bust Darts based on your custom measurements.

If you are happy with the Basic Blouse sloper, you will most likely be happy with the other styling of the blouse, dress, vest, jackets, etc.

We also offer other demo versions for My Sloper Dress and My Sloper Collar.