Model 01We would like to update you with our progress with My Sloper 1.8.  We’ve revamped the Skirt Tab to include icons for the various skirt styles and added a few new features.  Read on…

If you click on the Skirt Tab, you will see a new revamped screen with icons for skirt styles on the top right.

4-panel side-pleated skirt

My Sloper 1.8 Skirt Tab

There are 6 skirt styles supported in My Sloper 1.8.


Basic Skirt Style – one tier, two panels


Tiered Skirt Style – 2 or more tiers


Paneled Skirt – 4 or more panels


Trumpet Style Panel Skirt


Box-pleated Skirt with Underlay


Side-pleated 4-panel skirt (newest addition)

The Side-pleated 4-panel skirt is our newest addition.  With this style, you can have side yokes and pleats on the lower side panels.

4-panel side-pleated skirt 02

Side Yoke styling

By default, the side yoke depth is taken from the waist-to-hip depth.  You may change it to suit your personal taste, or you may choose to forgo the side yoke and eliminate it by entering 0 in the text box.  If you choose to remove the side yoke, you will have the side panels completely pleated.  Currently we have hard-coded the number of pleats to 3 with pleat width of 5-cm each.

We have also added a Degree of Flair feature for My Sloper 1.8.


Degree-of-Flair Feature for Skirts

There are 3 degrees of flair – 22.5, 30 and 45 for each skirt style.  The default is 22.5 degrees.

Our 4-panel side-pleated skirts are versatile and can be worn casual or formal, depending on how you pair your top.

Model 02

Versatile Side-pleated 4-panel Skirt, a My Sloper Design from KosherPatterns ®