Baruch Hashem, we are busy developing new features for My Sloper Version 1.8 and would like to share our progress with you.

Shoulder Pleats

We added vertical pleats styling at the shoulder line for both blouses and dresses.  You can add the number of pleats/tucks you desire and the width of each pleat/tuck.  The default is 3 pleats with 2-cm width each.

Select Vertical Pleats/Tucks for your Front Shoulder Style — My Sloper 1.8

Your garment pattern will be drafted with vertical shoulder pleats that run down from the shoulder line to the hem line. However, you can choose to stitch the pleats completely or stop at the waistline (see models below) or higher.  By leaving a portion of the pleats unstitched, you will create an effective flair to the garment.  Use a pressing cloth e.g. Rajah Pressing Cloth to create a permanent pleat on your garment.

Peter Pan Pleated Blouse 01

Peter Pan Collar Blouse with Front Pleats

Shoulder Pleats Styling My Sloper 1.8

Separate Button-stand Opening

In addition to the add-on button-stand opening to your blouses and dresses, you will be able to create a separate button-stand with contrasting fabric.  This is a nice feature that will coordinate well with your blouse sleeves with separate cuffs and collar.
A choice between Addon or Separate Buttonstand in My Sloper 1.8
Shirt Blouse with Contrasting Collar, Button-stand and Sleeve Cuff — My Sloper 1.8
We implemented this in our popular dickeys available at
Dickeys with Contrasting Collar and Button-stand @
Besides the above features, we have also started working on Jackets and Coats and will keep you posted with our progress in the near future, b’ezras Hashem.  Until then, happy sewing!  Always remember that the mitzvah of Tznius is a joy to keep especially when you are sewing with My Sloper!

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