We are so excited to release My Sloper 1.8 which has a chockful of features worth your investment. Read along to find out why you need My Sloper 1.8.

Permission to Sell Garments

We understand the popularity of cottage-industries in this day and age through successful  global marketplaces like Etsy and we want you to be able to sell legally if you own a home sewing business.  Permission is now granted to the purchaser of My Sloper 1.8 and beyond to be able to sell garments made from patterns generated with My Sloper 1.8 in a home business environment.  This permission does not extend to mass-garment manufacturing in factories.

Jackets and Coats

My Sloper 1.8 now supports Jackets and Coats in various lengths, collars, openings and styling.  Please see this article for more about jackets and coats.

Jacket Styles1

New Collars

We’ve added the Cowl and Band Collar to bring the collar count to 12 and support for the Shoulder Pad.  The Shoulder Pad is only really needed for a few collar types including the Flat Collar, the Cowl Collar and the Jabot Collar.

Collar Styles1-sm

Blouse Styling

Additional styling for Blouses include a separate button stand and front shoulder pleats.


Separate Button Stand


Peter Pan Pleated Blouse 01

Front Shoulder Pleats

We have also revised the way we do the Waist Ease.  Thanks to our reviewer, Andrea, instead of letting you do some easy mathematics to calculate the waist ease, we offer you an easier option called the Waist Intake. The Waist Intake, as the name suggests, lets you to tell My Sloper how much to take in from the chest girth.  If you want a straight side seam, you would take in 0.  If you want a more shapely side seam, you would provide a positive number.  Don’t worry, we have provided a default of 8-cm intake which works most of the time.

Waist Intake instead of Waist Ease

Waist Intake instead of Waist Ease

Dress Styling

Additional styling for Dresses include a separate button stand on waisted bodices and front shoulder pleats.

Sleeve Styling

Additional styling for Sleeves include support for Jacket Sleeves, which are wider at the hem than regular sleeves; and Sleeve Cuff with Placket with an underlap.

Underlap or No Underlap?

Underlap or No Underlap?

Jacket Sleeve Option

Jacket Sleeve Option

Vest Styling

Additional styling for Vests include straight or slanted side seam and variable hem lengths (hip or waist).

Vest Lengths

Vest Lengths

Vest Side Seam

Vest Side Seam

Skirt Styling

Additional styling for Skirts include selecting icons for skirt styles; adding degree of flair for aline, panel and tier skirts; and offering the four-panel side-pleated skirt with/out a side yoke.


Skirt Icons



Skirt Variable Degree of Flair

Model 01

Four-panel Side-pleated Skirt

We look forward to working with you to reap the most out of My Sloper.  If you haven’t yet tried My Sloper, download a demo version of My Sloper 1.73.  If you already are an owner of My Sloper, write to us about an upgrade.  My Sloper 1.8 is on sale for 2 weeks from May 10 to May 24, 2015.