Baruch Hashem (Blessed is G-d) that we have finally arrived at this stage of releasing My Sloper 1.9, a major upgrade with exciting news.

Pattern Panning

Our major upgrade consists of supporting all our modules to support panning of the Pattern Screen with arrow keys, so that all the pattern pieces at once can be moved up, down, right or left.  We also leave a 2-in margin between major pattern pieces so that they can be contained in their own page boundary.  Let us show you what we mean.

Default Layout Before Panning

Default Layout Before Panning


Pattern Layout After Panning

My Sloper Modules

Another major upgrade is our release of My Sloper into various modules: My Sloper Blouse, My Sloper Dress, My Sloper Skirt, My Sloper Jacket, My Sloper Collar, and My Sloper Deluxe.  By splitting My Sloper into independent modules, we bring flexibility and affordability to you, our loyal patrons.  My Sloper Deluxe is the new name for the previous My Sloper versions 1.8 and below.

DEMO Versions

We offer demo versions of My Sloper in these modules: My Sloper Blouse, My Sloper Dress and My Sloper Collar.  To download them, please visit the Software section of our Shop.