A minor release with a great feature, My Sloper 1.92 features the ability to configure the grid of the Pattern Display.

One feature that has been requested is the ability to adjust the number of rows and columns in the Pattern Display Grid.  Each cell corresponds to the chosen Page Size (A4 or Letter) and Format (Landscape or Portrait).  Before this feature was added, the grid size of the Pattern Dialog was hard-coded for each tab and varies depending on the pattern type — blouse, skirt, dress, jackets, etc.  to accommodate the largest size subject possible.  As a result, slower machines and/or machines with small memory will notice a considerable delay between clicking the Draw button and the display of the Pattern Dialog.

Advantages of this feature include:

  1. minimizing the amount of memory needed to start drafting a pattern
  2. minimizing the response time between clicking the Draw button and displaying the Pattern dialog
  3. only use a smaller grid when drafting for small subject sizes
  4. adjust grid when needed

This feature is added at the end of the forms interface before the Draw button as follows:

Configurable Pattern Grid for Pattern Display

Configurable Pattern Grid for Pattern Display

This feature is only available for selected tabs that need it: Blouse, Skirt, Dress, Vest, Jacket, Trim and Sleeve, hence, affecting these products:  My Sloper Blouse, My Sloper Dress, My Sloper Skirt, and My Sloper Jacket.

If you have previously purchased My Sloper 1.9+, you are eligible for a free upgrade.  Contact us if you are interested in this version.  Owners of previous versions can upgrade to the latest version of My Sloper for a reasonable fee.