BS”D is happy to announce the release of My Sloper Skirt version 1.91.  This version includes the following new features.

New Features

My Sloper Skirt Screen

  • A hybrid fitted-front and elastic-back waistband style for most skirt patterns, except for the Side-pleated Four-panel style.  A front-fitted waistband gives a more formal appearance, while the back elastic waistband gives more flexibility around the waistline.  Try it and you may like it!


Caveat:  This hybrid style does not work for one who has a narrow waistline and a wide hipline. This is because the elastic band that covers the back waistline does not stretch enough to cover a wide hipline.   If you use a longer elastic band for the waist, then it will become too loose at the waistline. For one in this situation, use an all fitted elastic waistband or an all elastic waistband.


  • A new A-line skirt style with configurable number of tucks along the waistline.  Tuck widths are configurable to be as narrow as possible (pin tucks) or wide enough (centered tucks) to simulate box-pleats or inverted box-pleats.  The designed tucks in My Sloper Skirt are evenly spaced at this time, and can be fully-sewn or partially sewn as released tucks.

Equally-spaced tucks


Equally-spaced Centered Tucks, similar to box-pleats

Equally-spaced Inverted Centered Tucks similar to inverted box-pleats

Equally-spaced Inverted Centered Tucks similar to inverted box-pleats

 New Video Demos Page

We are also happy to announce a new support page for our customers with online videos on how to use My Sloper Skirt. Short, quality high-definition videos on how to design and sew the various supported skirt styles are available on this page,  You can also access this page via our website menu.

My Sloper Skirt Demo Page

My Sloper Skirt Demo Page

Coupon Code

For two weeks, you can purchase My Sloper Skirt as well as any other product in the store for a 10% discount using coupon code KP10.  This coupon is valid until October 22, 2015.