We are pleased to announce the release of My Sloper Skirt Version 2.0 packed with new skirt styles and features.

Modest Skirts

My Sloper Skirt specializes in drafting only modest skirt patterns that are A-line in various styles.

Pattern Making Software for Modest Tznius Skirts

In addition to our previous 7 styles, My Sloper Skirt 2.0 has 5 new styles:

  1. Gathered Tier Skirt
  2. Four-Panel Side-gathered skirt
  3. Four-Panel Side-Inset Pocket Skirt
  4. Full-wrap Skirt with Side Buttons & Ribbon Ties
  5. Full-wrap Skirt with Side Buttons & Waistband

We have also added a Pocket Selection for the Basic A-line Skirt.  Besides the previous 3 pocket styles (Inseam, Faux-inset, & Rectangular Patch), My Sloper Skirt 2.0 now supports 4 front inset pockets.

  1. Slant Inset Pocket
  2. Curve Inset Pocket
  3. Square Inset Pocket
  4. Obtuse Inset Pocket (based on the obtuse angle made by the side and bottom edges of pocket)
Four New Inset Pocket Designs

Four New Inset Pocket Designs

A New Look

My Sloper 2.0 comes with a new look that groups the various measurements under clear headings.

My Sloper 2.0 Main Screen

My Sloper 2.0 Main Screen



With so many styles and variations,  My Sloper Skirt is sure to be a great investment for a home blessed with daughters.