This is a minor upgrade release for My Sloper Version 1.81 to accommodate your special requests and valuable bug reports.  Read on to find out the status updates.


In the Trims Tab, we have added improved pattern drafting of the three flounces: even-width, spiral and tapered and offer them in three styles: half (new), three-quarter and full (new), all with seam allowances.  You can find examples of what you can do with a half-spiral flounce in our article, “The Versatile Flounce.”

Flounce Span

Flounce Span


Thanks to your precious feedback, and we have implemented ways to add horizontal and vertical extensions to the pockets.

Pocket Extensions

Pocket Extensions


Thanks to your precious feedback, we have added the following features:

  • Option to add Waist Ease for a fitted skirt.
  • Option to add a Contour Waistband in addition to a Straight Waistband.
  • Add horizontal (width) and vertical (depth) dimensions to the supported pockets.

We have removed the Degree of Flair option in the Skirt styling, however, you can still add flair to your skirt by adding Hip Ease.  The default Hip Ease is 10.2-cm (4-in) but if you would like a bigger flair, you can increase that amount.  The skirt will always be drafted according to the desired Hip Ease.  For the skirt to be modest, you wouldn’t want it to be extremely flair because the skirt will blow up like a parachute in the wind like in a circle skirt.

Straight/Contour Waistband

Straight/Contour Waistband

Waist Ease

Waist Ease, Hip Ease to control flair

Pocket Extensions

Pocket Extensions


Thanks to your accurate and valuable bug reporting, we have found and fix solutions to them.  In addition, we have also implemented the following.  Previously, we used a default internal 22.5-degree flair to the styling of the blouse slopers, but we have removed that default and use only the Hip Ease to decide the flair of the blouse pertaining to the waisted and hi-waisted bodice extensions and the Basic Aline sloper.

Hip Ease & Flair

Hip Ease & Flair


Like the Blouse slopers, we have replaced the default internal 22.5-degree flair styling of dress slopers with the amount of the Hip Ease.  For example, if you would like to draft the Basic A-line Dress, you would need to increase the amount of the Hip Ease to add flair to the A-line sloper.  If the amount is not enough, the A-line Dress will look pretty straight even though the Hip Ease is enough for modesty.  The Hip Ease is also used in determining the flair of the hi-waisted, waisted and drop-waisted dress extensions.  Like the Blouse, you wouldn’t want an extremely flair dress for modesty.


Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have added the Profile option to the Collars and Neck Facings so that you can upload your profile and use the Profile measurements to draft collars and neck facings.  This is a great help to those who sew for a wide clientele and keeps their clients’ measurements in an XML Profile.


Profile in Neck Facing


Profile in Collars


Software Upgrade

If you would like to upgrade from a previous version of My Sloper (1.73 and below) to the latest version, please read this article.  We are no longer supporting Version 1.73 and it is recommended to upgrade for bug fixes and new features.


Please keep your feedback coming and we will try our best to accommodate.  Thank you for supporting My Sloper and modesty in dressmaking.