Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Sloper?

My Sloper is the world’s first Web 2.0 Pattern Making Software for modest dressmaking, ideal for women and girls who value modesty with tasteful and dignified clothing for religious, medical or practical purposes. Its easy-to-use interface is completed form-driven. Simply input your body measurements, tweak a few ease measurements, select your sloper style, click Draw and Print.

How do I install My Sloper?
  1. Unzip the My Sloper Zip file into the desired directory.
  2. Drag the index.html file to your Firefox browser.
  3. Activate the product key or test-drive My Sloper in DEMO mode.
  4. Enjoy the software!
Does My Sloper run on the Mac?

The latest version of My Sloper runs exclusively on Firefox now.  Firefox supports both Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.  Please navigate to the link below to install Firefox on these systems.

What type of Web browser does My Sloper support?

Currently, we support My Sloper on Firefox; Firefox being the most accurate renderer for My Sloper. My Sloper is not supported on mobile devices.

Can My Sloper run without the Internet?

The latest version of My Sloper requires the Internet for product key registration and access to Web links.  Its pattern rendering mechanism, however, does not require an active Internet connection.

Can I sell garments sewn from patterns generated from My Sloper?

For My Sloper version 1.72 and below, the answer is no.

For My Sloper version 1.8 and up, the answer is yes, depending on which version of My Sloper you buy.

The Home Biz version allows you to sell garments made from My Sloper generated patterns as long as these garments are sold in a home business and not mass-manufactured in factories.

The Personal and the Demo versions do not allow you to sell any garment made from My Sloper generated patterns.

Can I sell patterns generated from My Sloper?


Does My Sloper support both knit and woven garments?
Absolutely, yes! Other pattern-making software out there sells separate knit and woven components, but My Sloper does not limit you to only one type of fabric. The idea behind designing for knitwear is that the sloper is usually one or two sizes smaller because the design is dependent on the elasticity of the knit fabric to expand and cover the wearer. Since we design My Sloper for modesty, we do not encourage the use of elastic knit fabric that will cling to the wearer and definitely do not encourage the user to design one or two sizes smaller for modesty sake.
What size range does My Sloper support?
While other pattern-making kits and software sell separate adult and children’s components, My Sloper supports all sizes from babies to women without any upper size limit.  It all depends on the amount of virtual memory you have on your computer.  See this article for more information. Although many of the slopers are designed for women and girls, My Sloper can be used to design for menswear using the basic blouse sloper for men’s basic shirt. My Sloper 1.8 will have support for jackets and coats, and it can be used to design men’s jackets and coats as well.
Does My Sloper Demo support printing of patterns?

No, the Demo version supports all the features accept printing. You can view our video tutorials on how to print a PDF pattern however.  Invest in a product key to enable printing on your Demo version.