Modest Tznius Blog Clothing Gallery


Here is a sampling of modest tznius clothing that you can design and sew with My Sloper, Pattern Making Software for Modest Dressmaking.  From tops, skirts, vests to dresses, you can design for a child or woman, all in one software.

Blouse Gallery

My Sloper Blouse Software is ideal for designing modest tops in various mix-and-match bodices.

Dress Gallery

My Sloper Dress Software is ideal for designing modest dresses in various mix-and-match bodices, ideal for everyday and formal wear, including bridal gowns for the bride, bridesmaids and bride’s mother.

Skirt Gallery

My Sloper Skirt Software is ideal for designing a variety of modest A-line styles with pockets and trims.

Jackets and Coat Gallery

My Sloper Jacket Software is ideal for designing vests, jackets and coats for every occasion.

Headwear Gallery

Neckwear Gallery

My Sloper Neckwear offers a variety of collar options for your blouse and dress, including a dickey pattern.

Maternity Gallery

You can make baby clothing from My Sloper Blouse, Skirt and Dress.


DEMO copies are available for My Sloper Blouse, Dress and Collar.  Download a DEMO copy today.  Learn more about My Sloper.