This tutorial will show you how to manipulate the half spiral flounce pattern to create many different collar designs.

The half-flounce pattern that is created one edge longer than the other has many uses.  You can construct this pattern by hand, or you can generate it from My Sloper, Version 1.81 (to be released).

Vertical Triangular Jabot Collar Extension

By folding the pattern overlapping the folds at equal length along the half-circle, you can create a vertical triangular tie-looking Jabot extension that you can attach at the garment neckline.

Versatile Flounce 03

Two-piece Pleated Collar

Because the half-spiral flounce is circular, it is easy to blend into a circular neckline, both front and back.  Using two pieces of the same pattern, you can join them at the longer edge to make one long piece.

Pleat each flounce sideways as many times as you like along the half-circle edge.  Repeat for the other flounce.  Baste along the half-circle edge.  Attach the two-flounces-in-one piece along a garment neckline to get a nice pleated collar extension.

Versatile Flounce 02

Two-piece Full-Pleated Collar

By increasing the length of the flounce or by reducing the number of pleats, you can extend the two flounce patterns to cover the full length of the neckline.

You can also anchor the short edge of the flounce to the shoulder seam, and/or anchor the long edge of the flounce to the center button stand or zipper opening.

Versatile Flounce 04

Have fun with the versatility of the half-spiral flounce pattern and decorate the front of your garment with the lovely ideas you learn in this tutorial.

Happy sewing!

Versatile Flounce 01

The Versatile Flounce