My Sloper Updates March 2017

2 Mar, 2017
BS”D In the name of Heaven, we will do and we will succeed.  Here is a roundup of our latest updates to My Sloper for March 2017. 

My Sloper Neckwear 2.0 Released

4 Feb, 2016
B”H Previously named My Sloper Collar, My Sloper Neckwear 2.0 includes 3 new collar designs and a Dickey module as well.  With My Sloper Neckwear 2.0, a home business specializing in ...

Two-piece Roll Collar Tutorial

4 Nov, 2015
A client would like to know if a roll collar can be designed and sewn as two pieces instead of the traditional one.  Here is our answer.

My Sloper 1.9 Released

6 Jul, 2015
Baruch Hashem (Blessed is G-d) that we have finally arrived at this stage of releasing My Sloper 1.9, a major upgrade with exciting news.