The Versatile Diamond Collar

2 Jul, 2017
BS”D בשם ה’ נעשה ונצליח! Today we are going to show you how to design the versatile Diamond Collar in My Sloper Neckwear, also available in My Sloper Blouse and My ...

My Sloper Updates March 2017

2 Mar, 2017
BS”D In the name of Heaven, we will do and we will succeed.  Here is a roundup of our latest updates to My Sloper for March 2017. 

My Sloper Neckwear 2.0 Released

4 Feb, 2016
B”H Previously named My Sloper Collar, My Sloper Neckwear 2.0 includes 3 new collar designs and a Dickey module as well.  With My Sloper Neckwear 2.0, a home business specializing in ...

Two-piece Roll Collar Tutorial

4 Nov, 2015
A client would like to know if a roll collar can be designed and sewn as two pieces instead of the traditional one.  Here is our answer.