My Sloper Neckwear 2.0 Released

4 Feb, 2016
B”H Previously named My Sloper Collar, My Sloper Neckwear 2.0 includes 3 new collar designs and a Dickey module as well.  With My Sloper Neckwear 2.0, a home business specializing in ...

How to Design the Caftan Sleeve

30 Jun, 2015
This post will show you how easy it is to design a Caftan Sleeve overlay to create the “caftan” look on your modest top.

Modest Cowl Collar Sewing Pattern for Women

22 Dec, 2014
Modest Cowl Collar Sewing Pattern for Women Sizes 6-30 The modest cowl neckline addition to My Sloper is not complete without the modest cowl collar, the newest addition to My Sloper ...

Modest Cowl Neckline

16 Dec, 2014
The cowl drape is a lovely effect that can be created with a scarf or half-folded kerchief around the neck.  Designers have played with the cowl drape effects on many garments ...