My Sloper Updates March 2017

2 Mar, 2017
BS”D In the name of Heaven, we will do and we will succeed.  Here is a roundup of our latest updates to My Sloper for March 2017. 

My Sloper Dress 2.0 Released

14 Mar, 2016
B”H We are pleased to announce the release of My Sloper Dress 2.0, with new dress patterns and sleeve hem styling and other new goodies.

My Sloper Neckwear 2.0 Released

4 Feb, 2016
B”H Previously named My Sloper Collar, My Sloper Neckwear 2.0 includes 3 new collar designs and a Dickey module as well.  With My Sloper Neckwear 2.0, a home business specializing in ...