Ideas for Faux Jumper Dresses

31 Jul, 2016
B”H Many modest women and girls choose to layer by combining sleeveless tops or dresses with modest sleeved blouses, sometimes called the “shell.”  In this article we will show you how ...

My Sloper Dress 2.0 Released

14 Mar, 2016
B”H We are pleased to announce the release of My Sloper Dress 2.0, with new dress patterns and sleeve hem styling and other new goodies.

My Sloper Dress 1.91 Released

27 Oct, 2015
BS”D is happy to announce the release of My Sloper Dress version 1.91. This version includes the following new features.

Tznius Formal Dresses & Wedding Gowns

15 Jul, 2015
As a continuation of our Tznius Bridal Gowns, we decided to make a sample wedding gown based on one of the many designs we created.  We would like to share with ...