Many modest women and girls choose to layer by combining sleeveless tops or dresses with modest sleeved blouses, sometimes called the “shell.”  In this article we will show you how to create the “layered” look with one-piece faux jumper dresses.  In order to create this faux jumper dress, you will have to use two different types of fabric: one for the dress, and one for the collar and sleeves.  Generate pattern pieces for a modest dress (for e.g. with My Sloper Dress) with sleeves, collars and sleeveless dress bodice and skirt.  Add an additional binding, ruffles or flounce, etc. for the sleeve cap to be joined with the dress.  Add a collar for the dress from a different fabric.  Voila! Your one-piece faux jumper dress is ready.

Take inspiration from these sample faux jumper dresses, however, the possibilities are endless, when you combine different color and texture fabrics for different seasons.  The best thing about this construction is that it gives an illusion of layering without the discomfort of layers.

View a sampling of these dresses.