How to Design and Sew the Volumizer

18 Apr, 2017
BS”D בשם ה’ נעשה ונצליח. This tutorial is about designing and sewing a volumizer, a hair accessory that adds extra volume when worn underneath a head scarf. 

My Sloper Blouse 3.0 Released

25 Dec, 2016
BS”D With gratitude to G-d, is pleased to announce the release of My Sloper Blouse 3.0! We can’t wait to tell you what’s new in My Sloper Blouse 3.0.

Ideas for Faux Jumper Dresses

31 Jul, 2016
B”H Many modest women and girls choose to layer by combining sleeveless tops or dresses with modest sleeved blouses, sometimes called the “shell.”  In this article we will show you how ...

Two-piece Roll Collar Tutorial

4 Nov, 2015
A client would like to know if a roll collar can be designed and sewn as two pieces instead of the traditional one.  Here is our answer.