As a continuation of our Tznius Bridal Gowns, we decided to make a sample wedding gown based on one of the many designs we created.  We would like to share with you what you can create with My Sloper Dress Software.Based on our sample wedding gown in this picture below, we created a real wedding gown from design to prototype.

Tznius Formal Dresses

Sample Wedding Gown Design

Tznius Formal Dresses

From Design to Prototype

The prototype is not based on the mannequin’s measurements but for a lucky person whose measurements slightly differ from the mannequin.  We used a lovely White Jacquard Satin Fabric for the bodice and sleeve cuff, lovely White Bridal Satin for the sleeve and box-pleated skirt and a sheer Rose-textured ribbon.  Instead of using white for your fabric, you can choose from pastel or royal color schemes to make tznius formal dresses for the bride’s family.

Multi-color Tznius formal dresses Gown variety

Same Design Different Color

Making tznius gowns is easy using My Sloper Dress Software.  Test-drive it today or purchase your copy while the sale price is on.  Thank you.