My Sloper 1.9 Released

6 Jul, 2015
Baruch Hashem (Blessed is G-d) that we have finally arrived at this stage of releasing My Sloper 1.9, a major upgrade with exciting news.

Tznius Bridal Gowns

24 Jun, 2015
As a response to a request by a modest clothing advocate, we present to you a sampler of easy modest wedding gowns tznius styles for beginners, generated by My Sloper, Pattern Making Software for Modest ...

How to Design a Kittel

My Sloper 1.8 Preview of Jackets & Coats — the Shawl Collar

20 Apr, 2015
Here is another sneak preview of what My Sloper 1.8 has to offer — a lot!  The Jackets & Coats tab is populated with various front collar styling and front facings. ...