My Sloper Headwear Design Pattern Making Software

My Sloper Headwear 2.1

My Sloper Headwear Design Pattern Making Software

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Software for making modest head coverings!  Great investment for a home business.

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Product Description


My Sloper is a Web-based Pattern Making Software to be used the Firefox browser that supports Javascript and HTML5.

This is the Headwear Module of My Sloper in full edition, offering a variety of modest head coverings.

You will be downloading a product key to activate this software.

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How to Install My Sloper

  1. Unzip the My Sloper Zip file into the desired directory.
  2. Drag the file, index.html, to the Firefox browser.
  3. Activate the product key or test-drive the Demo version.
  4. Enjoy the software.

To learn more about My  Sloper, visit our Tutorials section.

What’s included in the Full Version

Modest Head Coverings supported by this software include:

  • Multi-panel Fitted Cap
  • Extended-panel Cap for the Beret look
  • Two-Band Cap
  • Extended Panel Two-Band Cap for the Snood look
  • Blend of Woven and Knit Cap design
  • The Moriya Snood with Pleated Middle Band
  • The Moriya Snood with Inline Piping
  • The Moriya Snood with Seamed Piping and Ties
  • The Moriya Snood with Inline Piping and Ties
  • The Moriya Snood with Crossover Ties to simulate the Sinar Tichel
  • a complete PDF Tutorial that highlights the important steps in assembling the various parts of the headwear pattern, ideas for sewing, decorating, wearing and more!

This is a great investment for home businesses to start a modest hair covering enterprise!

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