Knowing how to take an accurate neckline measurement for a made-to-measure garment is critical to ensure a good fit and how the garment will hang on the wearer. In this tutorial, you will learn yet another technique that is more explainatory and what we call more “natural”. In addition, for our observant Jewish readers, this technique satisfies the modest requirements for a kosher neckline.

When you purchase a commercial pattern or ready-to-wear garment for women, you will probably notice that the pattern or garment is based on the bust-waist-hips measurement. But for a men’s garment or pattern, you will most likely notice the neck measurement, in order to determine the collar size. Why is that? Most likely, the neck size for a woman’s pattern is a derived value from the bust measurement and graded based on standard proportions of the female body. Many pattern drafting techniques also employ unique formulae to compute the neck size or derive it from other measurements of the body. Nevertheless, there are just as many made-to-measure drafting techniques that require taking accurate neck line measurements. How they take this measurement differ from technique to technique.

Here is our technique for measuring a natural neckline that makes sense.


Download this free tutorial to measure natural neckline.


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