After rendering a sloper pattern on the Web browser, My Sloper gives you the option of saving the pattern onto PDF files.  Here is a demo of what to expect when you are ready to save your pattern.

The following video is a little outdated but is useful for what to expect when you print/save your pattern.

My Sloper 1.7+ prints two types of files — a Pattern Summary and a Pattern file.  For Jackets and Dresses, the front and back sloper patterns are printed separately in their respective files.  The expected behavior of saving a pattern varies depending on your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera).  On the latest Chrome 42, a dialog will appear to ask you for permission to download or save more than one file.  When this happens, all you have to do is click ‘Allow’ to download multiple files.  This behavior is only apparent on Chrome 42.  Neither Firefox nor Opera exhibits such behavior.
Chrome Printing Dialog

Click Allow to save multiple pattern files.