A shell is a garment that is usually worn as a layering item with another garment that lacks modesty by itself. This garment can be worn as a shell or as a standalone blouse.

The pattern for this garment calls for a laced shell blouse which elevates its status to more than just a daily wear garment.  Depending on the color and style of lace and lining, garments from this pattern may also be suitable for evening wear.  The touch of lace over an opaque lining brings femininity and class.

This is the only modest and kosher shell top or blouse pattern in the market that meets halachic standards.

It’s kosher specifications meet these standards: 4″ ease at the bust and hips, loose at the upper arms, collar covers second protruding back cervical bone and front collar bone, overall a semi-fit that renders a garment kosher.

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