Many of you asked us to continue supporting Chrome as the browser for My Sloper.  Well, with the last two Chrome updates, two rendering or display issues came up, which worked before.  So, we’ve decided to spend quite a bit of time to produce a bug report to Chrome that would get their attention to fix the errors we have found.In response to this article “More Chrome Issues“, you will be happy to know that we’ve just submitted a Chrome bug report to them minutes ago, after spending a few hours trying to produce a generic situation that would produce  a similar error to My Sloper.


We have reported this issue to Chrome under this report #550204.  You can access its status reports by going to this page,

Now it is up to Google’s support team to do their work to fix the error as the latest updates are a regression, breaking what used to work.

You will find that there are tons of bug reports on that support page by other users as well.


In addition, if you use Opera, you will find that the latest Opera too inherits similar errors from Chrome, as they probably use the same code base from Chrome.


So, our most reliable browser for My Sloper to date is still our beloved Firefox.  Way to go, Firefox!