BS”D With the help of Heaven, we will do and we will succeed.  Thanks to our reviewer, Ariella, we have incorporated her advice to provide additional graphics to enrich the hint or tooltip guide on My Sloper products.

Enriched Media Tooltip hint

When you mouse over a label such as Neckline Style, you will find both text and illustration to help explain the label.  We went through many labels and have incorporated as much enriched media as possible as we see fit.  If you find a label that needs more explanation, please let us know.

Here is a video that illustrates the new updated version of My Sloper Blouse 3.1.

My Sloper Jacket

Here’s a demonstration video tutorial that shows you how easy it is to design a Notched Collar Jacket with My Sloper Jacket using our new guided tooltip.


My Sloper Headwear

We released My Sloper Headwear Version 2.1 with two new styles:

  • Moriya Snood Cross Ties
  • Moriya Snood Middle Piping and Separate Ties

My Sloper Headwear 2.1 New Styles

You can download My Sloper Demo here.