In the name of Heaven, we will do and we will succeed. KosherPatterns.com is pleased to announce the new structure of My Sloper products. There are currently 8 products in My Sloper family: My Sloper Blouse, My Sloper Skirt, My Sloper Dress, My Sloper Maternity, My Sloper Jacket, My Sloper Sleeve, My Sloper Neckwear and My Sloper Headwear. For each of these products, you can now rent My Sloper on demand.  Rent it for 1 month or longer, whenever you need it.

When you download a My Sloper product, you will be able to operate My Sloper in its default Demo mode. All features are enabled in Demo mode except for PDF printing. You can test-drive every feature and design to your heart’s content, including loading an XML profile and decide whether you want to go ahead and invest to print those patterns you have designed.

Each product will require a product registration key to activate the full-version. We offer three types of product keys:

  • 1 month Personal Edition, only at US $30
  • 1 year Personal Edition, only at US $99
  • 1 year Home Business Edition, only at US $199

The difference between the Personal and Home Business editions is whether you want to sell garments sewn from patterns generated by the software.  The latter is ideal for a home-based commercial dressmaker who thrives in a cottage industry.  For those of us hobbyist dressmakers, we might be happy with just a Personal Edition of My Sloper.  The 1 month Personal edition is ideal for sewing up a storm before a big holiday or event.  The 1 year edition is ideal for sewing throughout the year in a tight budget.

The Demo versions of all products will be updated throughout the year.  You can check back at any time to see if there are any new patterns and features and download a copy, then decide if you want to invest in printing the patterns.

We love Firefox!  It has been the most stable Internet Browser in terms of consistency and reliability.  That’s why we have committed My  Sloper to run only on Firefox to get the most accurate and consistent rendering of our patterns.  My Sloper has built-in checks to warn you if it is activated on a different browser.

So, go ahead and download My Sloper today.  It should be the most affordable Pattern Maker software for all kinds of budgets with modesty in mind.  With this new distribution structure, we don’t have to deal with the headache of price upgrades from one version to the next.  We appreciate our clients and we want to make it simple for all for us.  Just rent the latest version for as short or long as you like and enjoy rebuilding your modest wardrobe for your entire family!