How to Sew the Turnback Notched Sleeve Cuff Tutorial

27 Jun, 2017
BS”D בשם ה’ נעשה ונצליח! In this tutorial, we will show you step by step how to assemble the turnback notched sleeve cuff which you can design in My Sloper Sleeve.

Design Sleeve Pattern with My Sloper Sleeve 3.0

1 Oct, 2016
Are you looking to add sleeves to your sleeveless tops and dresses? Do you find drafting a sleeve pattern challenging? Does sewing a Set-in sleeve just as daunting? Does the extra ...

How to Sew a Turnback Sleeve Cuff Tutorial

14 Dec, 2014
Turnback Sleeve Cuff A plain sleeve can be styled to have a cuff. This picture tutorial illustrates the turnback cuff, which can be made from the same fabric as the sleeve ...

How to Sew a Pleated Sleeve Opening with Placket and Buttoned Cuff

14 Dec, 2014
Pleated Sleeve Opening with Buttoned Cuff This video tutorial shows you how to assemble a Sleeve with Pleated Opening, Placket and Buttoned Cuff. Enjoy! Your browser does not support JavaScript! JavaScript ...