Support Women in Small Business, Modesty & Charity

30 Mar, 2017
BS”D In the name of Heaven, we will do and we will succeed. No purchase necessary, your voting for this cause will be greatly appreciated.

My Sloper Maternity 3.0 Released

22 Dec, 2016
BS”D With gratitude to G-d, the Creator of the World, is pleased to announce the release of My Sloper Maternity Version 3.0, the only pattern making software for modest maternity ...

New XML Profile Sizing Charts for My Sloper

3 Sep, 2015
We are delighted to announce that we have expanded the XML Profiles for industry-standard sizing ranges for women.

How to Sew Padded Headband Head Scarf / Snood Tutorial

12 Dec, 2014
Women and children wear head scarfs, snoods and other head coverings for various reasons — religious, medical or fashion. is a great source for sewing patterns for various head covering ...