Slits appear in patterns and have to be bound. However, this special technique of binding a slit is unusual as the slit is to be used to insert a zipper afterwards. Find out more.

Sometimes we design a slit as a placket in a sleeve to be sewn with a cuff and we want to bind the slit for aesthetics. But sometimes, we want to convert a neckline opening by slashing a slit either on the front or back of the neckline to insert a zipper. Why? We can think of a few applications.

A stretchy neckline opening that goes over the head on a T-shirt-like garment will probably wear over time, due to repeated stretching over the head. We can avoid the neckline from stretching by turning the opening into a zippered opening before we first wear the garment.

A garment like our ” Butterfly Caftan Blouse ” for women, plus women and girls, utilize the fabric width to the max with ZERO seam-allowance on the center back. We want to be able to add a zipper opening after making a slit in the neckline. The process is rather simple, but may not be found in most sewing tutorials.


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