How to Design the Flat Collar

Here is a video tutorial on how to design the Feminine Full Roll and Semi Roll Collar and the Flat Collar with My Sloper. The process is painlessly easy.

We will show you how to easily design 3 types of collars:

  1. Feminine Full-roll Collar
  2. Feminine Semi-roll Collar
  3. Flat Collar

What these collars have in common is that they all have a nice rounded neckline, which is more feminine than the traditional men’s shirt collar, which when worn has a V-shape fold around the neck.

Our Flat Collar design makes it easy for you, the busy dressmaker, to add the collar roll or overlap and also the roundness of the collar tip for both one and two-piece collars.


Test-drive My Sloper today. Download a DEMO copy.


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