The pretied head scarf sometimes known as pretied Bandana worn among religious women are known to not adequately cover all one’s head hair. What’s the problem? What’s the solution?

At, we work hard to design solutions for hair coverings and clothing that meet high Jewish modesty standards called Tzniut (s). Married Jewish women are obligated to cover their hair. There are many hair coverings to choose from and one of the most popular ones today is known as the “Pretied Bandana.”


The Pretied Bandana is also notorius for not adequately covering all the hair, thus revealing the front, sides or lower head hair.


We believe that the wearer has to be well-educated in the commandment of Tznius in order to understand that a married Jewish woman’s hair has to be entirely covered. This requirement comes from Das Moshe (minimal requirements of modesty incumbent upon Jewish men and women) and is codified in the Jewish body of laws called Halacha.

Our solution is to educate Jewish women wearers of the Pretied Bandana to take accurate measurements of their personal head sizes and find a hair covering solution, such as our Pretied Head Scarf sewing pattern and make a custom fit covering that is kosher.

Two types of measurements are critical:

  1. scarf width taken from ear to ear crossing the forehead, and
  2. scarf length taken from forehead to back base of head

As depicted in the picture, women with different hair fullness will have varying head lengths for the scarf. It is important to measure from the forehead because the scarf needs to extend below the head line in order to hide the frontal hair lines. Likewise, ear-to-ear measurements spanning the forehead ensures that hair from above the ear are also hidden. Enough ease has to be added to the back of the head to hide the hairs protruding from that area as well.

Sewing Patterns

We have especially designed two styles of Pretied Head Scarves for the home sewer. Our pretied scarves offer a single tail or two side tails. They come graded for sizes XS through XL, based on average sizing suitable for children and women. Available as instant downloadable PDF files in both Letter- and A4-size printing on your home printer, these digital patterns are easy to follow and make in 7 steps.

An alternative is our new product, My Sloper Headwear, which is a very easy-to-use forms driven Web browser driven powerful software that generates sewing patterns automatically right from your browser.

Ready-Made Pretied Scarves

Pretied Scarf Tichel Mitpachat Bandanna SnoodIf you would like to try out a ready-made Pre-tied Scarf, you can order them here at  You can also order a custom-made size there with a choice of 24 cotton fabrics and 10 trims.



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